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Smartphones Linked to Bizarre Horn-Like Skull Bumps

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    Smartphones Linked to Bizarre Horn-Like Skull Bumps
    Scientific Reports
    An X-ray shows a 27.8 millimeter growth on the base of a 28-year-old man's skull.

    Two Australian researchers made a bizarre discovery while examining hundreds of X-rays of skulls, finding that about a third had bone growths, NBC News reported

    The development of the growths may be attributed to extensive screen-time, the researchers said. Sustained “forward head flexion,” or bending the head down, and poor posture could be the reasons for these physiological changes, they hypothesized. 

    The study, which was published last year in the journal Scientific Reports, found younger people had larger growths. 

    Most bone spurs don’t cause pain and require no treatment, but they can become a problem if they reach a certain size. 

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    Police released footage of a mother who said she accidentally left her 5-month-old in a car for half an hour in a Goodyear, Arizona, parking lot when she, her sister and other daughter went into the store. Officers are heard on camera saying it was about 99 degrees outside. 

    (Published Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019)

    A BBC article last week on how the human body is changing with technology use brought new attention to the study.