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A ‘Handmaid's Tale'-Themed Wedding Photo Sparked Outrage Online

The photographer says sparking outrage was the point of the photo

A wedding photo depicting a scene from the Hulu series "The Handmaid's Tale" has triggered backlash online from some who say the image is insensitive and misses the point of the show.

However, the photographer said that's the point.

The image, taken in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, shows newlyweds Kendra and Torsten in front of the filming location for the "hanging wall," which is a site of morbid corporal punishment where bodies of those who have committed a crime in the ultra-religious state of Gilead, a sort of dystopian future America in the show and book of the same name by Margaret Atwood, are hung. Handmaids dressed in red from the show were photoshopped into the picture.

Kendra and Torsten, who have not made public their last name, declined to comment on the image.

However, Shawn Van Daele, of Van Daele & Russell Photography, said the response to the photo is exactly what he'd hoped for.

In an email to NBC News, Van Daele said both he and the couple are huge fans of the show and book, and said he's happy the photo has gone viral, hoping it will "wake people up to how they too contribute to the oppression and hatred that they're rightfully worked up over."

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