Anna Rossi Recipe

Anna Rossi's Peking Duck Recipe

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Who is ready for some Chinese food? Peking Duck, a dish known for its delicious crispy skin, originates from Beijing and has been prepared since the imperial period over 2000 years ago.

In this episode of The Chef's Pantry with Anna Rossi, Anna prepares it for today's diners. While most of us order it out, she is showing us how easy it can be to make it at home. 

She starts with the duck and shows you her easy trick for ensuring that crispy skin.

Next, she lets you in on the secret 5-spice blend that is the foundation of both the marinade & glaze.  

Then, it's on to the Mandarin Pancakes that wrap up your perfect bite.

Pair the dish with a bourbon cocktail called a Paper Plane and you are set up for a great night IN. 

All that and more in this episode of The Chef's Pantry With Anna Rossi.



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