Anthony Anderson Reveals His ‘Jail Mask' and Shows Off His Hidden Talent on ‘Harry'

The actor even shares his mask with Harry

Actor Anthony Anderson reveals his "jail mask" and shares it with Harry and shows off his hidden talent singing and playing the piano.

The actor posted a photo on his Instagram account with his "jail mask."

Long before films and television shows relied on CGI to make make-believe reality, puppeteers performed with elaborate dolls and muppets for audience entertainment.

Harry asks Anthony to explain the photo and he says, "That was Emmy day man, I woke up 3:50 in the morning. I didn’t want to have bags under my eyes so that’s my jail mask I keep in the freezer for when I have late nights. That was an early morning so I kept that on all day. It works miracles to brother. I’m going to get you a couple."

To see the full interview check out "Harry."

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