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'Chance the Snapper' Released at Florida Gator Sanctuary

The famous gator was transported to Florida on Thursday

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    Meet 'Chance the Snapper' Alligator Caught in Chicago Lagoon

    "Chance the Snapper," the alligator at the center of a week-long hunt in Chicago's Humboldt Park Lagoon, made his first out-of-water appearance Tuesday after being caught overnight. And he made his debut in style, wearing a red bow tie. (Published Tuesday, July 16, 2019)

    The alligator that eluded authorities for a week in Chicago's Humboldt Park lagoon has been delivered to his new home in Florida. 

    The gator, dubbed 'Chance the Snapper' by many in the Chicago community, was flown to Florida in a special metal tube on Thursday, and when he arrived, he was released at the St. Augustine alligator farm: 

    According to officials, the alligator was transported in a tube so he wouldn't get caught on anything, or thrash about and hurt himself. Reptiles do not do well under sedation, experts say, and the gator remained calm in the enclosed space. 

    The alligator was likely dumped in the Humboldt Park lagoon last week, and was finally captured on Tuesday after nearly a week on the lam.