Chinese Citizens in Texas Are Incensed Over a Proposal to Ban Them From Buying Property in the State

“I have never seen the Chinese community this active and this motivated in my entire adult life. The community is inflamed right now, they are enraged.”

Asian Americans Leadership Council

Activist Ling Luo says her Chinese community in Texas has gone from fearful to infuriated — and they’re demanding that their voices be heard. 

By the hundreds, they’ve been taking to the streets all over the state, pleading with elected officials to kill a piece of legislation they fear could threaten their futures. 

A bill introduced in the Texas Senate in late December has been gaining steam over the past month, and it came as a bombshell to Asian Americans and others across the state. The legislation, TX SB 147, would make it illegal for Chinese citizens to buy any property in Texas, including homes. 

The bill, introduced by state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, a Republican, also covers citizens and entities of North Korea, Iran and Russia. It doesn’t delineate any exceptions for legal permanent residents, visa holders or dual citizens.

Kolkhorst did not reply to NBC News’ request for comment, but in a press release announcing the bill’s introduction, she said it is an attempt to safeguard Texans. 

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