Chinese Teenager's Reunion With His Birth Parents Ends in Tragedy

“The sun is shining on the sea. I belong to the sky and sea,” Liu Xuezhou wrote before he was found dead early Monday on a beach in Hainan province.

A beach in Sanya in China's Hainan province
Sha Xiaofeng/VCG via Getty Images

A Chinese teenager appears to have taken his own life after the story of him being sold as an infant by his birth parents and recently reunited with them went viral.

Liu Xuezhou, 17, was found dead early Monday on a beach by local authorities in the city of Sanya, in China's southern Hainan province, according to the Chinese news outlet The Paper.

Liu, a trainee teacher from Shijiazhuang city in the northeastern Hebei province, posted a video in early December appealing for help to find his birth parents, who he said had sold him to his adoptive parents in 2005.

His story quickly went viral and two weeks later he found his birth father, Ding Shuangquan, with the help of police and DNA evidence. The two met on Dec. 26 and two weeks later Liu was reunited with his birth mother, identified only by her surname, Zhang, who lived in a separate location.

He described both meetings as "happy." But things quickly turned sour.

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