GOP Rep. Gohmert Suggests Altering Moon's Orbit to Combat Climate Change

Gohmert made the comments during a House Natural Resources Committee hearing 

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Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, suggested at a Congressional hearing that climate change could be combatted by altering the orbit of the moon, and asked an official from the U.S. Forest Service if there was anything her agency could do to do so.

Gohmert made the comments on Tuesday during a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on four pending bills, while he was questioning Jennifer Eberlien of the Department of Agriculture's Forest Service.

"I understand, from what’s been testified to the Forest Service and the B.L.M. [Bureau of Land Management], you want very much to work on the issue of climate change," Gohmert said.

"I was informed by the immediate past director of NASA that they've found that the moon’s orbit is changing slightly and so is the Earth’s orbit around the sun. We know there’s been significant solar flare activity. And so, is there anything that the National Forest Service or B.L.M. can do to change the course of the moon’s orbit or the Earth’s orbit around the sun? Obviously that would have profound effects on our climate."

"I would have to follow up with on you on that one, Mr. Gohmert," Eberlien responded, smiling.

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