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‘There's a Shark in Me Boat!': Great White Shark Leaps Into Australian Fisherman's Boat

The area gets a lot of sharks, but none that jump onto boats, a local marine rescuer said

The water Terry Selwood was fishing Saturday was calm, until a great white shark jumped straight into his boat — leaving him stunned and bloodied, but otherwise okay, NBC News reported.

The 73-year-old Australian saw a blur out of the corner of his eye as the 9-foot-long, 440-pound predator leaped into his boat, badly scraping his arm, off the New South Wales north coast, he told Australia Broadcasting Corporation.

Selwood scrambled to safety as the shark was "thrashing around madly," then looked down and said to himself, "There's a shark in me boat!"

Bill Bates, a skipper with the Evans Head Marine Rescue operation, told NBC News that, "We do get a lot of sharks in the area but we don't get sharks that have jumped onto boats."

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