How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

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Whether you just landed a new job or you're trying to get a raise, negotiating a higher salary can be tricky.

CNBC reached out to several business leaders and advisors to get tips on how to get the money you deserve.

Be Confident

If you know your worth, let them know and back it up with your work ethic and attitude.

Know Your Facts

Approach the negotiation with facts, not emotions. Research the market in your industry for someone with your experience and knowledge.

Provide a Salary Range

After researching the market rate for your role, enter the salary negotiation with a range of how much you want to make rather than an exact number. That range should typically be at least 10%-20% more than what your base salary is, career coach and entrepreneur Ariel Lopez told CNBC.

For example, if someone is making $70,000 then a 10-20% range will be $77,000-$87,000, or she says you can just round it up to $80,000-$90,000. Lopez says doing this allows you to have more wiggle room on the amount an employer might offer.

Bottom line - be your own best advocate. The worse they can say is 'no.' But the best thing they could say is 'yes.'

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