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How to Stress Without the Mess

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Are you stressed?! Many people are feeling, or have felt, some sense of being overwhelmed recently.

Resilience and parenting Expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa says the feeling is common.

She says not all stress is negative, it's just important that we have tools to handle it.

We must remember, she says, that ALL change brings stress, even stress that most people categorize as "positive," although the labels bother Dr. G, too.

In this episode of Mom2Mom with Maria Sansone, she spells out some of the biggest stressors for professional women and offers practical ways to combat them.

Finally, she debunks four common myths surrounding mental health.

For more information on her book "From Stressed to Resilient: The Guide to Handle More and Feel Less" , visit

Watch the full episode above. Or if you want to listen to the podcast, click on the QR code below.

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