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Kim Kardashian-West Now Blames Scratches on Marble, Not Sugar, Following Cocaine Rumor

Blame it on the marble.

Kim Kardashian-West returned to social media late Tuesday to revise her original defense after a Snapchat pic of the reality star with two suspicious looking lines of white behind her went viral. Some on social media accused Kardashian-West of accidentally sharing a pic with cocaine visible in the Snapchat. On Tuesday, Kardashian unequivocally shut down the drug talk saying the lines were actually sugar remnants of a recent candy store run.

But she posted a new video to Twitter saying in fact the suspicious lines were actually scratches in the marble table. 

"I just go back to my hotel room same position and look it is still there," Kardashian-West said. "So we did go to Dylans Candy Shop and I did think it was our pixie sticks. But after all that this table in the background is a marble table you guys. Like come on."

Believe her or not some were still having fun with Kardashian-West's predicament on Twitter.

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