Mandy Moore, Warren Beatty, and Chicago Cubs on Ellen

Mandy Moore, Warren Beatty and two players from the world champion Chicago Cubs stop by Tuesday to chat with Ellen DeGeneres.

Actress and singer Mandy Moore talks about her love for her cat and her experience with a pet psychic. She also chats about her role on the NBC hit drama “This Is Us” and its therapeutic appeal for fans.

Despite knowing DeGeneres for years, Warren Beatty makes his first appearance on the show. They reminisce as Beatty reveals he had no idea DeGeneres was gay before she came out. Don’t miss him play “Random Questions” with DeGeneres, during which she asks him “have you ever been in handcuffs?”

Chicago Cubs catcher David Ross and third baseman Chris Bryant join Ellen to talk about the celebrations that have followed their World Series win. Ross reveals he almost missed the victory parade in Chicago and why the team lovingly refers to him as “Grandpa Ross.” 

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