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NJ Man Doing Landscaping Finds $1,000 in Cash From 1930s Buried in His Lawn

Some say landscaping is too much of a chore for them. In this case, it was most certainly worth it

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A man who lives on the Jersey Shore got a big surprise last week while doing some landscaping in his yard.

Rich Gilson said he found $1,000 buried on his Wildwood property, with the bundles of $10 and $20 bills wrapped in brown paper. All of the money was dated to be from 1934.

Gilson and his wife, Suzanne, purchased the home four years ago with the intention of raising and renovating. As he was working outside in a mini excavator, he uncovered the money that was wrapped up under the front lawn, and immediately brought it in for his wife to see.

The couple wasn't sure how much money was actually there, as the bills were wet. After letting the paper dry out overnight, they found out just how much they had found.

There are now several questions stemming from the discovery, chief among them: Who buried the money, and where did it come from?

The Great Depression was going on in 1934, and Gilson said the money might have been buried by someone who had lost faith in the banking system during that time, which became a somewhat common practice.

But since nearly 90 years have passed, answers to the questions may never be known.

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