Postal Service Delays of Prescription Drugs Put Lives at Risk

Thousands of Americans have missed their prescription medications because of Postal Service delays

United States Postal Service letter carrier walks her route
Paul Weaver/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

Jan Stowe saw countless patients go through withdrawals during her 40-year nursing career, but last month she experienced it herself when the U.S. Postal Service failed to deliver her medication for chronic back pain and muscle spasms, NBC News reports.

A nurse for combat veterans during and after the Vietnam War, Stowe said she could identify her own symptoms but couldn’t do anything but wait in her Traverse City, Michigan, home.

“I was jittery. I was anxious. I wasn't able to concentrate. I was pacing. I was feeling nauseous. I was sweating. It was all the symptoms,” Stowe said of last month's experience. “I mean, I've never taken heroin, but I've taken care of drug addicts. Now I know what it feels like.”

Stowe, whose back problems forced her into retirement, is among thousands of Americans who have missed their prescription medications because of Postal Service delays. A dramatic decrease in on-time deliveries since the beginning of July has put lives in jeopardy as a growing number of people depend on getting their prescriptions by mail.

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