Russia Moves to Decriminalize Some Domestic Violence

Vladimir Putin has said that punishment "should not go overboard" for some assault

In the days following international demonstrations for women's rights, Russia is looking to advance legislation that would decriminalize domestic violence, NBC News reported.

The bill would remove criminal liability for assaults against family members, assaults that are first-time offenses and assaults that caused no hospitalizations and excluded rape. Instead of jail sentences, assaults would result in fines.

Earlier this month, Russian lawmakers gave almost unanimous approval for the legislation. The second reading is set for Jan. 25.

President Vladimir Putin has also voiced support for the decriminalization of domestic violence. In December, Putin told a journalist that punishment "should not go overboard" for some assault.

An online petition against the legislation has garnered more than 180,000 signatures, but there have not been any significant protests in Russia against the bill so far.

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