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‘Imminent Threat': Syrian Refugee Camp Becomes ISIS Hotbed

In a scrubland of hopelessness along the Syria-Jordan border, 80,000 refugees are being preyed on by the very ISIS gunmen and suicide bombers they fled their homes to escape, NBC News reported.

The pilot of a Jordanian military helicopter taking an NBC News team for a visit wouldn't fly over the Al Rukban camp for fear of being shot down by members of ISIS in the camp.

Militants there "have whole weapons systems … small arms, RPGs, anti-aircraft," Brig. Gen. Sami Kafawin, commander of Jordan's army in the area, said. "They consider the camp a safe haven. We consider it an imminent threat."

The makeshift camp offers a stark lesson for President Donald Trump, who says he wants "safe zones" to keep refugees displaced by war in or near their own country, and others seeking to de-escalate the Syrian civil war.

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