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Baldwin's Trump Calls ‘Fox & Friends' for Ego Boost on ‘SNL' Cold Open

"This memo might be the greatest memo since the Declaration of Independence"

When you're feeling down, you might find yourself leaning on a friend.

When Alec Baldwin's President Donald Trump was feeling down, he leaned on "Fox & Friends" during the cold open of "Saturday Night Live." 

Sitting in his bed with a fast food cheeseburger and a Diet Coke, Trump dialed into "Fox & Friends" to talk about what was on his mind: his State of the Union ratings and the controversial GOP memo Trump declassified earlier this week. 

Baldwin's Trump said ratings for his speech were "huge," with 10 billion people tuning into watch it.

"They say there are only seven billion people on the Earth, so where did the other three billion come from? Illegals? I don’t know," he said.

He also praised House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, calling him "my sweet little house elf" for the the allegations he made in the memo.

"This memo might be the greatest memo since the Declaration of Independence," Baldwin's Trump said. "I don’t know, I haven’t read either one of them."

"Weekend Update" with Colin Jost and Michael Che kicked off about the memo that was released earlier this week about the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign.

After calling Nunes a "40-year-old virgin," Jost dismissed the memo as unimportant and said he plans to "completely ignore it."

"At this point if you actually want to get my attention, the bar is set at 'Porn Star Spanks President With Magazine,'" he said. 

"First of all, you know damn well Trump didn't read this memo -- it's four pages long," Che said. "And the only time Donald Trump reads four pages in a row is when he's ordering breakfast."

Later in "Weekend Update" Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong joined Jost and Che as French icons Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve. Bardot and Deneuve made headlines when they denounced the #MeToo movement.

The ladies of "SNL" gathered to portray some of the most prominent first ladies in U.S. history, as they rallied Melania Trump, played by Cecily Strong, who was unenthusiastic about attending the State of the Union address. 

Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon), Martha Washington (Aidy Bryant), Michelle Obama (Leslie Jones) and Jackie Kennedy (guest host Natalie Portman) each offered advice and reflected back on their time in the White House. 

Actress Natalie Portman hosted for the second time. Her monologue was a spoof on the Winter Olympics coverage that NBC will broadcast, starting Feb. 8. The Harvard grad also played a Colonial-era Bostoner in a skit spoofing the Super Bowl LII rivalry

Musical guest Dua Lipa sang two songs, "New Rules" and "Homesick."

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