Watch: Wild Video Shows Riders of Detroit's Giant Slide Go Airborne; Officials Say They're Riding it Wrong

Officials say they've scrubbed down the slide to help control the speed, which "seems to be working well"

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Video of guests bouncing around while speeding down a massive, outdoor slide in Michigan is making the rounds on social media.

One particular clip shows a rider flying through the air and then flopping back down several times over each bump.

But according to officials, riders have been going down the slide all wrong.

Michigan's Department of Natural Resources, which operates the "Giant Slide" at Belle Island Park in Detroit says the proper way to ride down the slide -- which requires guests to wear a burlap-potato-sack-looking cover -- is simply to lean forward.

A Facebook video posted Sunday from officials shows a slide operator demonstrating the technique, gently bobbing up and down as he casually glides down the ride's rolling hills.

Unfortunately, the instructions came far too late for many, who can be seen in viral videos racing down the Giant Slide in a reclining position, with several guests bouncing off the rails and becoming airborne at times.

Officials in the Facebook post said they closed the ride briefly and have "scrubbed down the surface," and are spraying a bit of water on the slide between rides, "to help control the speed."

"It seems to be working well," the post read. The slide will be back open to the public on Friday.

The Giant Slide, located at Belle Island Park in Detroit, is open to riders on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Rides cost $1, and guests must be 48 inches or taller.

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