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Biden's First Year Report Card: Boston Professor Gives President a ‘Solid B'

Most all agree it is the coronavirus pandemic that overrides all aspects of Biden‘s first year

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On the eve of his one year in office, President Joe Biden and his track record are getting the requisite scrutiny that this anniversary brings.

Boston University Professor Tom Whalen says he’d give Biden a solid B.

According to Whalen, Biden’s first major accomplishment came quickly, in March with the American Rescue Plan.

"The stimulus for the COVID crisis package basically eliminated half the country’s child poverty," Whalen said. "And he also got this infrastructure bill through.”

But what some see as a Biden accomplishment, others see as a lost opportunity.

On that infrastructure bill, democratic consultant Jacquetta Van Zandt says she wasn’t impressed and didn’t think the bill went far enough. Van Zandt, like many progressives, was disappointed that so-called “soft infrastructure” like childcare and education were not included.

But she does think Biden has done a good job diversifying his administration and bringing down unemployment.

“He has turned the economy around in a way that and in the timeframe that we weren’t expecting," Van Zandt said. "I certainly wasn’t.”

The withdrawal from Afghanistan is another action that gets wide ranging reviews.

“There were things that led to this for decades that got us to where we are now," Van Zandt said. "I think him having to cop to it was unfair.”

Whalen added, “Historically I think it will be judged to be the right call. But in the here and now, politically, it was somewhat of a disaster.”

President Joe Biden delivered a speech Wednesday on the eve of the one-year anniversary of his presidency.

Most all agree it is the coronavirus pandemic that overrides all aspects of Biden‘s first year -- a scourge Biden seemed to underestimate last summer when he claimed near independence from the virus.

"I think until the COVID crisis is basically dealt with in a serious manner… the administration is going to have very low ratings in the public,” Whalen said.

Those ratings for Biden hit an all time low this week -- 40% in one poll.

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