Decision 2020

Presidential Tally in 2 Mass. Towns Separated by 1 Vote Each

The Massachusetts towns of Sutton and Webster highlight the importance of every vote

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With millions of votes cast in the presidential election, it can sometimes be hard to feel like your one vote counted.

But in two central Massachusetts town, Decision 2020 came down to a single ballot each.

"That is amazing, absolutely amazing, that shocks me," exclaimed Carol Hemming of Webster.

"It's just amazing that a big race like this could be decided in one vote," said Mike D'Antonio of Sutton.

In the town of Webster, there were 4,003 votes for Biden and 4,002 votes for Trump.

"Ugh, unbelievable," said Trump supporter Roger Desmarais of Webster.

"Mine could have been the deciding one, huh?" said Biden supporter Karen Kichar of Webster.

In nearby Sutton, 3,042 people voted for Biden while 3,041 voted for Trump.

"I'd say, 'Well, good for the one vote,'" said Biden supporter Jane Boutiette of Sutton.

"I think it's just an interesting piece of statistics," said a Trump supporter named Dan from Sutton.

It's certainly surprising, whether you're a math geek fascinated by the statistical significance of it all, or a political junkie amazed by how both communities that went for Trump in 2016 eked out a win for Biden this time around.

"It does make me feel like my vote counts, which is good, especially with everything that's been going on," said Tyler Davern of Webster.

But what it says to many of the voters we spoke with in both communities is just how divided this country continues to be down party lines.

"This whole election surprised me completely, I can't believe how divided it's been and how right down the middle it’s been,"

"It's just splitting, you know, the left and the right, it's a big fracture," said Desmarais. "And you've got to come together."

We should note, all mail-in ballots postmarked by Nov. 3 and received by Nov. 6 will count – so the final tallies in both communities could still change.

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