Trump's Doctor Says He's in ‘Excellent Physical Health'

The letter was issued by Trump's long-time personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein

Donald Trump on Thursday released a one-page letter from his doctor outlining the results from his latest physical.

The letter was issued by Trump's long-time personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein, of Lennox Hill Hospital, who performed the candidate's physical exam last week, NBC News has confirmed. It does not provide a comprehensive look at Trump's health.

According to the letter, Trump is 6'3'' tall and weighs 236 pounds. He takes a statin medication, a drug often used to lower cholesterol, and his liver function and thyroid function tests "are all within the normal range." Trump was hospitalized "only once, as a child of 11 years for an appendectomy." 

The letter also state the following: Cholesterol: 169; HDL cholesterol: 63; LDL cholesterol: 94; Trigylcerides: 61; Blood Pressure: 116/70; Testosterone: 441.6; Colonoscopy: Performed July 10, 2013 and "revealed no polyps."

"In summary, Mr. Trump is in excellent physical health," Bornstein wrote.

Earlier this year, Bornstein drew attention for writing that Trump would be the healthiest president in history. That paragraph letter was written in five minutes while a limo sent by Trump waited outside his Manhattan office, NBC News reported

Trump shared “a comprehensive summary of a battery of tests” performed by his doctor on "The Dr. Oz Show" Wednesday, the show said in a press release. 

Dr. Mehmet Oz said Thursday that Trump is "healthy enough" to be president, based on the limited medical documents the candidate provided to him.

"The letter I read would be typical for a person running a company, and I think that’s pretty parallel — it’s not exactly the same, but pretty parallel to what you want to have, to judge if someone is going to be healthy enough to lead you," Oz said on NBC's "Today" show Thursday.

During the taped interview, which aired Thursday, Oz "took Mr. Trump through a full review of systems" and talked about his family medical history.

Oz said that Trump’s doctor found him to be overweight. He was in good health overall. Oz did not examine Trump and only reviewed on the show what the Republican candidate chose to share with him. 

Trump told Oz that when he looks in the mirror, he sees a man much younger than his 70 years.

"I would say I see a person that's 35 years old," he said.

Trump said that he sometimes plays golf with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He said that when he's with the 39-year-old Brady, "I feel I'm the same age as him. It's crazy." 

Trump said that when you're running for president, "you have an obligation to be healthy" because the job requires it. 

In discussing his campaign positions, Trump told Oz that women should be able to obtain birth control without a prescription.

Trump said that some women "just aren't in a position to go get a prescription."

He said they shouldn't have to.

"I would say it should not be prescription," he added. 

Trump said that he remains opposed to abortion rights.

Trump said Monday he was planning to release detailed health information from the new physical exam in the coming days, following Hillary Clinton's health scare at the Sept. 11 memorial service and revelations that she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

"I saw what was going on with her and I said, 'You know, I'm going to go do something' and I actually took a physical last week and probably, I guess this week, will release the results of it," the Republican presidential nominee told CNBC Monday.

Oz said he invited Trump and Clinton on his show. 

Clinton on Wednesday released an updated review of her physical fitness and details about a recent bout of pneumonia.

"She is recovering well with antibiotics and rest," said her doctor, Lisa Bardack, in a letter released by her campaign. "She continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as President of the United States."

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