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Mitt Romney Confirms He's Behind Anonymous ‘Pierre Delecto' Twitter Account

Through the account, now private, Romney defended himself and liked tweets critical of President Donald Trump

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, confirmed late Sunday that he is behind an anonymous Twitter account under the pseudonym "Pierre Delecto" that he's used to be a "lurker" on social media for most of the past decade.

The account was first revealed by Slate's Ashley Feinberg, who was also responsible in 2017 for revealing former FBI Director James Comey's anonymous account.

The trail leading to Romney's secret account began earlier Sunday when The Atlantic published a profile of Romney at a time when he is one of a few prominent Republicans to be critical of President Donald Trump's actions on Ukraine that led House Democrats to open an impeachment inquiry.

Romney told The Atlantic's McKay Coppins, who authored the profile of him, that he uses a secret Twitter account to follow politics. He declined to name the account, but said he followed less than 700 accounts. "What do they call me, a lurker?" Romney said.

The revelation sparked Feinberg's interest, who went through the Twitter accounts of some of Romney's relatives for clues.

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