Who's Your Candidate? Voters Explain Their NH Primary Choices

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Shira Stoll
“I trust her, I think she’s geuine, talented and authentic,” Roger Bleau from Manchester says about Amy Klobuchar.
Shira Stoll
Marquis Olison from Chicago advocates for Deval Patrick at Webster Elementary School in Manchester, New Hampshire. He says, “I’m voting for Deval Patrick because he’s the leader that the country needs to bring us together after such a divisive presidency.”
Shira Stoll
Rights for All ACLU advocates Steven Kidder, Mattison Howard, Emily Kilheeney and Corinne Noonan say they’re the only ones out today “not campaining for a specific person, just rights for all.”
Shira Stoll
Christine Pattison, from Bedford and an active member of the Bedford Dems since 2016, is advocating and voting for Elizabeth Warren. She says, “I think she’s so smart and experienced and I think she is not afraid to stand up to Trump.”
Shira Stoll
Kathy Pawley is campaigning at Bedford High School in NH and voting for Pete Buttigieg. She says she “trusts his decision making abilities and he knows and respects the Constitution.
Shira Stoll
David Pecoraro from New York is advocating for Joe Biden because, he says, “I care about democracy. There’s only one person who has the experience, decency and the know-how to get things done.”
Margaret Kris from New Hampshire says she’s voting for Trump because her “parents came from a Communist country” and her “mom is scared to death that she will have live under socialism again.”
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