‘Obviously Insane': Thousands in New England Receive QAnon Postcards in Mail

A card titled "The True Story of QAnon," featuring a QR code and photos of 20 famous faces, arrived in many New England mailboxes recently

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Postcards promoting the QAnon web of conspiracy theories arrived in the mail at thousands of New England homes recently.

The card, titled "The True Story of QAnon," features a QR code surrounded by 20 faces of famous politicians, actors and tech giants.

"They're just trying to hook people in and trick them," said Brian Duffy of Acton, Massachusetts.

The back of the card highlights several baseless conspiracy theories.

QAnon preaches that former President Donald Trump has been waging a secret battle against devil-worshiping pedophiles in Washington, Hollywood, big business and the media.

"This is obviously insane, but this is also kind of hilarious," said Louisa Borden of Boston.

"I read it and I said, 'This is trying to normalize insanity,'" added Judith Frangos of Boston.

There are no names or addresses on the cards — the only indication of where it's from is a PO Box in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Jamaica Plain Mail carrier Brandon Moore says he's seen thousands of them being delivered.

"Who is sending this? What are they looking for? Why do they want me to click on to find out more?" asked longtime New Hampshire political operative Arnie Arnesen.

Arnesen got the postcard at her home in Concord and worries about all the people who may have clicked on the link.

"What they did was they got you to do something you normally wouldn't do, which is you connected to them," she said.

And for those who might say it's just a crazy person in their basement, Arnesen says, "Someone has a lot of money to be so crazy."

Some question if it's appropriate for the U.S Postal Service to distribute the cards, but spokesperson Steve Doherty, who received the card at his home, said the delivery does not violate the law.

"While certainly controversial, there doesn't appear to be anything in the mailing that would make it illegal to send through the mail," he said.

Whether you find the mailing interesting, frightening or funny, you should think twice before clicking on any QR codes from unknown sources.

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