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President Biden Prepares to Navigate First 100 Days Leading a Nation in Crisis

President Joe Biden was sworn in Wednesday, taking over amid the coronavirus pandemic, racial unrest and an upcoming impeachment trial against his predecessor, accused of inciting the attack on the U.S. Capitol two weeks earlier

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Now that the inaugural events are over, President Joe Biden's focus turns to the first 100 days — a closely watched time period for a new administration.

"It is absolutely critical," said political science professor Christina Kulich-Vamvakas. "And it's more critical for this president than, I think, any president since FDR."

President Biden has immense challenges ahead.

"There's COVID, there's a tanking economy, there's racial unrest, the storming of the Capitol," said Kulich-Vamvakas, who teaches at Suffolk University. "He's got to go full-steam on all of it, but his first priority is to get a handle on vaccine distribution, which is the key to unlocking the economy."

And there's also a looming trial in the Senate where lawmakers will consider convicting President Donald Trump following his impeachment for incitement of insurrection. This will occupy time, as well.

"Having the trial is really important," said Deborah Schildkraut, who teaches political science at Tufts University. "This charge of insurrection, inciting the riot that happened at the Capitol, is just so remarkable, it can't be swept aside."

Biden's connection to the Senate could position him well to get things done.

"That provides not just familiarity and memories and relationships, but also a real understanding of the legislative process," said Schildkraut. "The first 100 days can set the tone for what the working relationship might be like between the White House and Congress."

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