Sen. Markey Reveals His Typical Dunkin' Order: ‘My Mother's Not Happy'

The Massachusetts native said he typically orders three different doughnuts at Dunkin', then samples each without finishing any

Doughnuts are displayed for sale inside a Dunkin' location
Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Like a lot of people from Massachusetts, U.S. Sen. Ed Markey can't seem to get enough of Dunkin'.

In fact, the Malden native loves Dunkin' so much that his normal order includes three entire doughnuts, he said on a podcast released Tuesday.

But Markey doesn't eat all three in their entirety, he explained. He orders three different doughnuts, then samples each one without finishing them. He orders one of his beloved jelly doughnuts, as well as a lemon doughnut and a coconut one, opting for a taste of each.

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"My mother's not happy. Like, 'Clean your plate,'" Markey said. "A little bit of a taste of each one is good."

He emphasized that the three-doughnut: "It's not with an intent to eat the entirety of those doughnuts, but to not pass a day without having a taste of each one."

Markey revealed his typical order -- which also includes a large dark roast coffee with extra cream and sugar -- on Crooked Media's "What A Day" podcast, on which he also discussed the Senate runoff races in Georgia.

There's actually more to Markey's regular Dunkin' order. The senator said he usually gets a bottle of orange juice and a bottle of water as well.

As a result, he said he frequently walks back to his car "loaded down."

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