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Undecided Voters Are Rare in New Hampshire, But We Talked to Some

One, who just registered to vote, is still doing her homework. Another has "just had it."

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It is tough finding an undecided voter in battleground New Hampshire.

Polls show just a few percent of voters are still choosing between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Mike Parnell of Londonderry summed it up well when I asked if he was undecided. His response: “No. Not by any means, no.“ 

Political analyst Scott Spradling said, “I think minds are largely completely made up. The question is whether they’re going to turn out."

That’s why campaigns are focused not so much on swaying voters with plans for health care or the economy but on getting them to the polls, he said. 

“If you’re undecided at this point between people like Donald Trump and Joe Biden, you’re either living under a rock or you just don’t care about politics and you’re probably not going to vote anyway,” Spradling said.

But it turns out there are some exceptions, like Damaris Garcia. She is undecided and just registered to vote Monday. She intends to do some homework on both candidates before making up her mind.

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A lot of people might say that Trump and Biden couldn’t be more different. How could you be undecided about that?

Damaris’s response: “Just because of their decisions and what they’ve done in their past.”

And then there are people like Kendra Baker, who won’t be voting at all. 

“I don’t like either candidate. It’s a mess to me. I feel like it’s nothing but a bunch of people gossiping," she said. "And it takes away from what actually matters. I’ve just had it.”

Those few remaining undecided voters have two weeks to make their choice, and may be helped by the final presidential debate on Thursday night.

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