Voters in Massachusetts Can Now Request Ballots Online. Here's How

"This will allow voters to get their ballots sooner and return them in plenty of time for them to be counted," Secretary of State William Galvin said

Election Day is less than six weeks away, and for the first time ever, Massachusetts voters can now request a mail-in ballot online without submitting any physical paperwork.

Secretary of State William Galvin launched an online portal Wednesday,, allowing all registered voters to ask their local election officials for a mail-in general election ballot.

During the cycle leading up to the Sept. 1 primaries, voters had to send back applications they received in the mail from Galvin's office or print and submit the paperwork themselves.

"My hope is that this new online portal will cut down on the time it takes for voters to apply for their ballots, by eliminating the need for a local election official to wait for the application to arrive in the mail,' Galvin said. "This will allow voters to get their ballots sooner and return them in plenty of time for them to be counted."

Claims of widespread vote-by-mail fraud have been tweeted and retweeted by President Trump. However there is little to no evidence to back them up. NBCLX’s Chase Cain takes measures into his own hands to uncover the truth about mail-in ballots as part of his new series about election myths and conspiracy theories.

Galvin previously urged voters to submit mail-in ballot applications by Oct. 20 to ensure enough processing and shipping time ahead of the Nov. 3 election.

The portal is the latest step in an expansion of mail-in voting this year to ensure access to the ballot box amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Under a bill Gov. Charlie Baker signed in July, all voters are eligible to vote by mail with no excuses.

Massachusetts in late August offered its first-ever period of early voting before a primary election, and communities will also host in-person early voting from Oct. 17 to Oct. 30.

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