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With Opponents in DC for Impeachment, Biden Campaigns in NH

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are confined to Washington for the impeachment trial against President Donald Trump, but Joe Biden was in New Hampshire Friday trying to drum up support before the primary.

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Among the top-tier presidential candidates, Joe Biden owned New Hampshire Friday.

While many of his top competitors are confined to Washington for the impeachment trial, Biden was in Claremont, telling voters why he's the one who can beat President Donald Trump.

Supporter Bethany Yurek introduced Biden saying, "The Democratic nominee needs to be able to win the general election or all is lost."

Yurek says the country will not vote for a "pie-in-the-sky" candidate in the general.

"These big ideas could cost us the White House," she said.

She is referring to Bernie Sanders' revolution and Elizabeth Warren's big structural change. Both leading progressive candidates are in Washington, tied down with impeachment, leaving Biden one of the few candidates to campaign in New Hampshire.

"Kiss every baby, shake every hand, you're hoping for any advantage, and the fact that he now has a monopoly on media coverage, more or less, I think it only helps him," said Middlebury College professor Matthew Dickinson.

Biden's presence is felt in Washington with Republicans hoping to get the former vice president and his son, Hunter, to testify at the impeachment trial about their connection to the Ukraine.

Biden touched on the controversy only briefly and indirectly Friday.

"They've slandered me and my only surviving son. But look, I can't hold grudges. I mean that sincerely," he said.

It was a low-key event. Biden spoke softly and calmly, as if hoping to show voters the contrast in leadership style from the more chaotic Trump administration.

"He's betting that, in the end, his voice might not be the most exciting, the most charismatic, but it's the safest," Dickinson said.

From here, Biden heads to Boston for a fundraiser hosted by former ambassador Rufus Gifford and real estate executive Mark Schuster.

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