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‘A Really Hard Breakup': Patriots Fans Saying Goodbye to Tom Brady

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It was an abnormally quiet spring night at Gillette Stadium Tuesday.

No one was there due to the current pandemic, but once hearing the news that Tom Brady will leave the Patriots and join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a few fans came earlier in the day to buy jerseys from the pro shop, including fan Mike Buono.

"A really hard breakup," Buono said about Brady's decision to leave the Patriots. "I just think it's the Pats being all business when I want them to be more personal."

Pats super-fan Russell Miller is also reflecting on Brady's New England career, and a very rare moment — in what we've now learned was Brady's last time in a Patriots uniform, he shook Miller's hand on the way off the field back in January, in New England's playoff loss to the Tennessee Titans.

"I kind of had a feeling it was coming to an end, you know, we've been saying it for a while, we've been fortunate, but it's a tough way to go out with a loss," said Miller.

Now, Miller savors that moment.

He was asked if he feels lucky to have been part of such a historic moment.

"Everyone's been saying that," he responded. "Everyone keeps telling me not to wash my hand, but…"

Fans also say we've been spoiled in New England for all these years.

No matter what, they hope Brady succeeds, but knew this was coming.

"We've got to be good for the next decade or so, we just can't think year by year, we've got to go with the young guys and get lucky and get the next guy," said Miller.

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