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‘Listen Kiddo': Bruins' Jake DeBrusk Has Hilarious Interview With His Dad, Louie DeBrusk

Jake DeBrusk returned home to play in his native Edmonton for the third time in his NHL career. But this game had a bit of a different twist.

Ahead of the contest, DeBrusk was interviewed by one of the members of the SportsNet broadcast team. The catch: the interviewer was his father, Louie DeBrusk.

The elder DeBrusk began his 12-year career in Edmonton playing for the Oilers and played 401 NHL games. Now, he works for the Canadian sports network and decided to interview his son before the Bruins-Oilers game.

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And the interview provided the audience with some comical moments.

The best soundbite came when Louie asked Jake about returning to play in his hometown and the younger DeBrusk poked fun at his father.


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Yeah it always is, it's nice to see the friends and family. I kinda get sick of my dad's hunting stories though, that's the only thing that's a little sketchy.

Later on, the younger DeBrusk would poke fun at his father's hair, implying that Louie had copied Jake's signature style. The elder DeBrusk wrapped it up by poking back at his son:

Listen kiddo, get the feet going. I don't want to have to say bad things about you tonight.

Jake capped it off with a touching moment, simply saying, "Thanks dad, I love you" as he skated back onto the ice.

To check out the full SportsNet interview between the two DeBrusks, click here.

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