Can Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Bench a ‘Disrespectful' Player?

"But if there is anything that is disrespectful to the flag then we will not play," Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took the NFL's battle over the national anthem to a new level this week when he suggested that players who are "disrespectful" to the U.S. flag shouldn't be allowed to play.

But can Jones bench a player for such a reason?

The short answer, according to experts, is that Jones ─ arguably the most powerful owner in the world's richest sport ─ can do what he wants, at least in the short term. But he'd probably thrust himself into a high-profile legal fight that may ending up costing him and the NFL, NBC News reported.

Matthew Mitten, executive director at the National Sports Law Institute at Marquette University, told NBC News it was hard to tell precisely what action Jones was suggesting, but any move would have to adhere to the NFL's collective bargaining agreement.

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