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Celtics Coach Ime Udoka Has Breakthrough COVID Case, But Ready to Start Training Camp

COVID cases do occur in people who've been vaccinated, but breakthrough cases are far less likely to result in hospitalization or death than cases in people who haven't been vaccinated

New Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka has a breakthrough case of COVID-19 and participated in the team’s media day on Monday through Zoom.

Celtics spokesman Christian Megliola said the coach, who is vaccinated, was asymptomatic and in the last day of his 10-day quarantine. Udoka is expected to be in person with the team when training camp starts on Tuesday, Megliola said.

"He's been fairly asymptotic for the last 10 days, thankfully he was vaccinated," Celtics President Brad Stevens said, according to NBC Sports Boston. "It hasn't hit him like it's hit others that we've heard about all over the country."

After facing positive coronavirus tests, shutdowns and a citywide bus crisis, Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center looks toward the future and makes plans for how they’re going to adapt. Despite the hardships they’ve faced during the pandemic, Sportsmen’s says it’s committed to taking whatever new challenges arise so they can continue to support families across Boston.

COVID cases do occur in people who've been vaccinated -- more than 30,000 people in Massachusetts had gotten one, according to last week's report from the Department of Public Health -- but breakthrough cases are far less likely to result in hospitalization or death than cases in people who haven't been vaccinated.

That's why public health officials worldwide continue to stress the importance of vaccination. (If you still need to be vaccinated, here's a tool to find the closest vaccination provider to your home.)

Udoka was appointed head coach in June, taking over for Stevens after he moved from the team bench to the front office.

COVID-19 has been a concern going into the NBA season, which will be the third to be affected by the pandemic.

In 2004, the Indiana Pacers were the NBA's team to beat. Then a week before Thanksgiving, everything changed when a fight broke out at a game against the Detroit Pistons, and several stars were suspended. Now we're getting new angles of how it all went down in new episodes of "Untold," docuseries on Netflix. NBCLX's Tabitha Lipkin speaks with executive producers Chapman and Maclain Way.

The National Basketball Players Association has not mandated to players that they be vaccinated though everyone who will be in the vicinity of players during games — coaches, team staff, referees, courtside stat-crew workers and more — will be vaccinated.

The league said this month that it's planning for those who are fully vaccinated against the virus not to be tested regularly, while those who are unvaccinated will undergo rigorous testing — one test on practice or travel days, and at least one test on game days.

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