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Colts' Chris Ballard Would Do ‘Whatever It Takes' to Get Top QB in Draft

The Colts currently own the No. 4 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Colts would do 'whatever it takes' to get top QB in draft originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The Bears have the golden ticket in the NFL draft, by way of the No. 1 pick. 

Atypical to most drafts, where the top team is destined to select a quarterback, the Bears already have theirs in the form of Justin Fields. 

Surely, Ryan Poles and the Bears' front office will start fielding offers for the pick, as it better serves them in someone else's hands, with more loot to stock their war chest in return. 

Who are the potential suitors to bargain with the Bears? Fittingly, the Colts have revealed themselves as one. 

The Colts own the No. 4 pick in the draft. And, this past season, they expended their third attempt at a plug-and-play quarterback. Before Matt Ryan, Carson Wentz and Philip Rivers each took their shots at being the Colts' signal caller. 

None of them panned out. 

Now, the Colts are in quarterback limbo again, as they seek to find a stable successor to Andrew Luck, who unexpectedly retired from the NFL back in 2019 and left the Colts on the veteran quarterback carousel. 

Prospects Bryce Young (Alabama) and C.J. Stroud (Ohio State) lead the pack for most likely to see NFL success at the quarterback position. Potentially, the Colts are aiming for one of the two. 

Should the Bears help them out by trading them the No. 1 pick?

From the Bears' perspective, trading back to the No. 4 pick should not only yield them a positive return on assets to help continually improve their roster, but also leave them in a position to draft a turnkey player, like Will Anderson Jr. (Edge, Alabama) or Jalen Carter (DT, Georgia). 

The move would benefit the Bears in a multitude of ways. It's the smartest route to choose, instead of taking a non-quarterback out of positional value at the No. 1 draft spot. 

Hopefully, Eberflus still has Ballard's phone number on his Rolodex. 

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