Fans Rooting for Patriots in Rare Wild Card Game

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Patriots players were out on the field Friday night ahead of Saturday's big wild card game.

New England will take on the Tennessee Titans to kick off the playoffs after missing out on a first-round bye.

"I'm a little nervous about it. Hopefully, they do well, and nobody gets hurt," said Pats fan Mark Visser.

Fans hoping for a win. This season, there's been much talk about whether this could be the end of an era.

The Patriots have never won a Super Bowl when they've had to play a wild card game. It's do or die.

One group of reenactors gets to go to every Patriots home game for free.

"I'm hoping it's not, but it could be. I'm hoping they're going to pull it out, the Patriots have a history of always doing it, so got to trust in [Tom] Brady and [Bill] Belichick," said Shady Assad, a fan.

At the end of the season, Brady is a free agent.

This season has had its ups and downs, but die-hard fans know — if you can count on anything, it's the Pats in the postseason, winning despite adversity.

"I don't see him leaving," said fan John Dietz. "He'll be back. There's no place like home. We're going to keep doing this until the end."

Kickoff is at 8:15 Saturday night.

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