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10 Fun Things to Do in Revere While Social Distancing

The waterfront city just north of Boston is home to beaches, parks and hidden gems that make for perfect socially-distanced activities


Located about five miles from downtown Boston in Suffolk County, Revere has a plethora of options to offer when it comes to fun things to do. 

Whether you’re in the mood to relax by the beach or shop until you drop, this seaside city has got you covered.

Here are 10 things you should add to your Revere bucket list:

Revere Beach

Ever wondered where the first public beach in the U.S. is? Look no further -- Revere is home to Revere Beach, also known as “America’s First Public Beach.” Facing Massachusetts Bay and stretching for about three miles, this beach is the perfect place to catch a sunrise or go for a long walk. 

Revere Beach

Revere Beach is the site of the annual International Sand Sculpting Festival, so make sure to stop by its shorelines next summer to check out some of the featured sandcastles.

If you plan to go in the winter, make sure to bring a coat (or two) since it will be extra chilly by the water.

Northgate Shopping Center

Grab your mask -- we’re going shopping. Located off Squire Road, Northgate Shopping Center is the place for the avid shoppers of the world. This shopping plaza has an option for just about every kind of shopper, including Burlington Coat Factory, CVS, Friendly’s, Taco Bell, and more. 

David R./ Yelp
Northgate Shopping Center

Paws and Play Dog Park

Located off Route 1, this dog park is a great place to bring your furry friend(s) to get some exercise and socialization. It is split up into two parts -- one area is designated for bigger dogs and the other is for smaller dogs.

Joyce Bonasoro/ Google Reviews
Paws and Play Dog Park

If you're thinking about going on a rainy day but are worried about your dog getting muddy, don't worry -- this park is coated with small pebbles instead of dirt to keep the mud out of their fur.

After your pup has had enough time inside the park, you can take them for a cool-down walk along the grassy area that borders it. By the end of the day, you'll have one happy (and tired) four-legged friend who will be begging to go back soon!

Sonny Myers Park

Looking for a place to bring the kids? Sonny Myers Park has benches, trees to provide shade and a fun playground for the kids to burn off their built-up energy. Equipped with multiple slides, stairs and other climbing parts, this playground is bound to keep the kids entertained.

City of Revere
Sonny Myers Park

Adults have the option to enjoy their time relaxing outdoors, or, for those who want to burn off some energy themselves, there is adult outdoor elliptical equipment stationed next to the playground. It's a win-win for the whole family.

Gibson Park

Renovated in 2019, Gibson Park has a modern playground area for kids of all ages. In addition to a playground, the park has fencing, safety surface, walkways, accessible playground equipment, and a ballfield. 

Gibson Park

This park is a hidden gem for those looking to get out of the house while maintaining social distancing.

Louis Pasteur Park

Similar to Gibson Park and Sonny Myers Park, Louis Pasteur Park provides a playground area with a great deal of open space for kids of all ages to play. With multiple play structures, this park that was renovated in 2014 is a great place to bring the kids and enjoy some fresh air. 

Marlon Franco/ BusinessYab
Louis Pasteur Park

Short Beach

Located on Winthrop Parkway, Short Beach is as its name implies -- short. This somewhat rocky beach has waves that are on the smaller side. For those who want a less crowded beach option, this is the beach for you.

Ryan B./ Four Square
Short Beach

Since Revere Beach tends to draw the bigger crowds, Short Beach gives a calmer option for people who still want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Atlantic.

DiSalvo Park

Put on your sneakers, grab a water bottle, and head over to DiSalvo Park. Here, you can play baseball, basketball and more - the options are endless. It is located next to the Whelan School and has a playground along with basketball courts, a baseball field and a soccer field.

Grand re-opening of DiSalvo Park in 2014

This is also a great location for playing in the snow and building snowpeople in the wintertime.

No matter how old you are, Disalvo Park will keep you entertained - that’s for sure. 

Revere Urban Trail

This family-friendly trail through West Revere provides an opportunity for a fun hike while exploring the history of the city. Hikers can observe the local plants and animals along the trail while navigating their way through the 8-mile loop. 

The blue stencil of sandals along the Urban Trail.

It starts and ends at the Whelan School, making its way through Newhall Street, Malden Street and Washington Avenue. Since you’ll start and end next to Disalvo Park, it would only make sense to cap off your hike with a family picnic at the park... right?

Hill Park

Situated next to Hill School and Harry Della Russo Stadium, Hill Park is the perfect place to bring the whole family. Between two basketball courts, two playgrounds and a football field, it is unlikely that anyone will find themselves bored here. 

Dale Barker/ Google Reviews
The playground at Hill Park

Surrounding the football field is a track, which makes for the perfect setup for adults to watch their children play as they walk (or run) around the track. 

Whether it’s snowy, rainy or sunny, Hill Park has all you need for a good time with friends or family.

The bottom line is that Revere has it all -- no matter what mood you’re in or what you’re looking for, you most definitely will find it in this historic hidden gem of a city. 

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