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Move Over Laundry Cart, Red Sox Add Money Guns to Home Run Celebration

Tomase: Move over laundry cart, Red Sox add money guns to HR celebration originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Nothing spruces up a tradition in danger of going stale like a geyser of $100 bills.

Red Sox fans may have noticed an addition to the club's "Tunnel Time" laundry cart home run celebration on Monday night. After second baseman Trevor Story launched his first Fenway homer to tie an eventual 6-3 win vs. the Astros, he found himself wielding gold-plated money guns in each hand for his ride through the dugout.

Story pulled the triggers and out shot dozens of faux-$100s, adding a new dimension to a celebration in need of refreshing. Maybe the Red Sox will finally show some life now, too.

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Story said backup catcher Kevin Plawecki handed him the toy guns, which he believes were manager Alex Cora's idea. They're available for $25 on Amazon and come with 100 prop bills.

"It was cool," Story said. "Didn't know about them. Just kind of a surprise. Yeah, it's all good fun. They just handed me the guns and I let 'em rip."

The Red Sox have been giving players laundry cart rides after home runs since the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, but the celebration really caught on last year, when the club made a surprising run to the American League Championship Series, where it fell to those same Astros.

The Sox not only haven't had many home runs to celebrate this season (their 22 long balls rank 12th in the American League), they haven't had much to celebrate, period. Even after winning for the third time in four games on Monday, they're just 14-21, a half game out of last place and 12.5 behind the first-place Yankees.

Maybe Monday will signify the start of more than just a new celebration. With Story heating up alongside mainstays like Xander Bogaerts, J.D. Martinez, and Rafael Devers, the Red Sox might finally be ready to make it rain.

"Nothing has changed since spring training," Cora said. "We're still a good team. We've got guys, they do that on a nightly basis. Everybody else has to contribute, but there are certain guys there that have done it their whole careers, put them in the lineup and doing the things they're doing, it's been fun for a while."

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