Patriots Talk: Is an Audition for Offensive Coordinator Still Going on?

Patriots Talk: Is there still an audition for OC going on? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

OTAs are underway and the New England Patriots still haven't named an official replacement for ex-offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Joe Judge and Matt Patricia are expected to split offensive duties with Judge helping out quarterback Mac Jones and Patricia handling the offensive line. As for playcalling, head coach Bill Belichick took charge in Day 1 of OTAs, but that role still appears to be up for grabs heading into the summer.

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So, is Belichick holding auditions for the Patriots OC job? Tom E. Curran and Phil Perry discussed on a new episode of the Patriots Talk Podcast:

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"Is this a competition right now? Bill Belichick says every year this time of year, 'This is not an evaluation period. Training camp is the competition camp. This is a teaching camp.' But that's for the players," Perry said. "Is he evaluating his coaches right now to see who would be best served to be the guy once training camp does roll around? And he did say something during his press conference alluding to the fact that by the time training camp hits, we kind of have to be off and running with whatever this process is going to be. ...

"So, I wonder how closely he's watching these guys, how closely he is listening to these guys in the meetings and seeing who's taking charge. I could see him leaning Matt Patricia in one respect in that Patricia has at least called plays in an NFL game before on the defensive side, and maybe he feels like that's a skill set that can translate to the offensive side if you are well-versed enough in the offensive playbook."

Curran points out that at age 70, Belichick seems to be adding more duties for himself rather than delegating to his assistants.

"He's not pushing away from the table on things, he's collecting responsibilities," Curran said. "Which is terrific, but when the Patriots were at their best, didn't they have a whole bunch of very talented lieutenants reporting to that one general?"

Also discussed in the episode: Bill Belichick's comments on playcalling duties. Does it make the most sense to have Belichick run the offense? First impressions of Mac Jones. And what stood out on the defensive side at OTAs?

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