Pats-Rams Preview: Keys to a New England Victory on Thursday Night Football

Curran's Patriots-Rams Preview: Inside a fascinating chess match originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Look at all the things the Rams are statistically proficient at. Third in the league in yards per game offensively. Second in the game in yards per game defensively.

Then go find the Patriots. Twelfth in team defense. Twenty-second in team offense. Look at the records – the Rams at 8-4, the Patriots on a tear to get back to 6-6.

Why wouldn’t a Rams win be a layup? Matchups. It’s all matchups. On offense, defense, the kicking game and on the sidelines, this game is going to be all about the chess match between the Rams offense and Patriots defense and the rockfight between the Patriots offense and the Rams defense.

Can the Patriots sweep their L.A. excursion? They just might.

Tom E. Curran's Patriots-Rams Week 14 Preview

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