Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Not Involved in ‘Interesting' Trade Conversations

The Packers quarterback said he will feel stronger about a decision on his future in the coming weeks

Aaron Rodgers not involved in ‘interesting’ trade conversations originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

As has been the case for the last 19 years, Aaron Rodgers is still a Green Bay Packer.

The NFL world is awaiting word on if that will change soon, and the four-time MVP is apparently inching closer to deciding his NFL fate.

“It’s gonna be a little bit more time for my decision, and I feel confident that in a couple weeks I’ll feel more strongly about one of the two decisions,” Rodgers said Tuesday on “The Pat McAfee Show.”

Along with deciding if he wants to continue playing football in 2023, the 39-year-old quarterback continues to ponder if he would join another NFL team.

According to Rodgers, he’s not the only one discussing those possibilities.

“It sounds like there are already conversations going on that aren’t involving me, which are interesting,” Rodgers said. “... I’m not a part of those conversations right now. When I make up my mind one way or another, then you guys, the Packers – not in that order – and everyone else will know.” 

The Packers used a 2020 first-round draft pick on quarterback Jordan Love, so there is at least one contingency plan in place at the position should they deal Rodgers to another organization

For now, it seems Rodgers and the Packers will wait until after the Super Bowl to really get the ball rolling.

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