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Patriots in Seattle, But Air Quality Concern Grows with Western Fires

Patriots in Seattle for their first road game of the NFL season, but with wildfires ravaging in the West, there are concerns on the air quality.

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A lot of hype going into tonight’s game with two formidable foes going head to head. 

But there was another factor that could be a threat to both teams. Wildfires up and down the West coast, which has made for terrible air quality. 

League officials are closely monitoring this. 

Within the last few weeks, toxic air has forced sports teams to move practices indoors or reschedule games altogether.

However, thanks to Mother Nature, the game will go on outside - for now. 

The weather over Emerald City has taken a turn for the better. Rain has brought with it, blue skies and for now the air quality is expected to be favorable for the Patriots and  Seahawks game tonight. 

When asked about the air quality for tonight’s game,  Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick, says they’re going to monitor the situation. 

 “I’d say from our standpoint we’re going to control the things that we can control,” said Belichick. 

Kick-off begins at 8:20 p.m. on NBC10 Boston. 

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