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Red Sox and Yankees Ready for Wild Card Game at Fenway

Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

The historic rivalry will be renewed as another chapter in the Red Sox-Yankees saga is set to play out Tuesday night.

The two teams will be facing off in the American League Wild Card game.

Both teams avoided a four-way tie for two spots by winning on Sunday, and both did it in dramatic fashion.

Now, one game will decide who makes it to the American League Division Series.

"This is it," said Stephen Baccari, who will be at the game. "Here we go, Game 163."

The big crowds heading to Fenway Park Tuesday night are just what businesses are counting on.

"We're going to fill the building before the game, and we're going to fill the building after the game," said Anthony Chuga of Game On! "And it's going to be like sardines in a can."

Chuga is hoping the Red Sox are in for a deep run in the playoffs.

"We're making a bunch of money and we're keeping people employed with the help of the Red Sox," said Chuga. "When we have these games, we need more people."

As all the sports hype shifts from Gillette to Fenway, fans are just pumped by all the enthusiasm surrounding the hometown teams.

"Everyone's going to go crazy," said Izabella Pitaniello of Boston.

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