Tom Brady

Brady ‘Fired Up' and Bill Belichick ‘a Little Shocked' at QB's Departure: Report

After a 20-year relationship that included the highest of highs and not a lot of lows, the NFL's most successful coach and quarterback tandem broke up Tuesday.

How'd each side take it?

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According to the Boston Herald's Karen Guregian, Brady felt as if a "huge weight" had been lifted off his shoulders. The QB who won six Super Bowls under Belichick will now, according to multiple reports, take his talents to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a franchise that has won six playoff games in its history.

And Brady is said to be "excited and fired up" over heading there, according to the Herald columnist.

And Belichick?

In a statement he released Tuesday, the coach was glowing in his praise of the QB he chose to start over Drew Bledsoe 19 years ago. Guregian reported his reaction to Brady's phone call in which he told his coach of 20 years that he'd be leaving the organization, was that Belichick "was a little shocked."

Despite a reported less-than-warm-and-fuzzy phone call between the two in the weeks leading up to free agency, the mutual respect between the two was apparent when Brady was named among the Top 10 QBs on the NFL 100 all-time team after the season and he sat beside Belichick on the NFL Network's panel discussing it. 



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