Tom Brady, Bill Belichick Had Conversation to Discuss QB's Free Agency

The impression drawn was that Belichick spoke as if Brady was “still under contract,” a source said

Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images, File

They talked. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady had a telephone conversation on Tuesday to discuss Brady’s impending free agency.

It wasn’t particularly productive, a source told me.

How long they talked and whether they got into discussions about money, length of term or any contract details isn’t known. Belichick, according to the source, was all business.

The impression drawn was that Belichick spoke as if Brady was “still under contract.”

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Technically, of course, Brady is still under contract. But only until March 18 when his contract expires and he becomes an unrestricted free agent.


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If the Patriots are to prevent that from happening — as I reported they want to do — ensuing conversations will need to make more headway.

That Belichick wasn't particularly warm in this first stab at keeping Brady around isn't a surprise. He's not the warmest guy.

Former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson discussed last week on NBC Sports Boston his experience negotiating with the Patriots head coach.

"I got emotional (during negotiations)," said Johnson. "I got emotional and it probably affected our relationship to some degree for a little bit. Pride got in the way. And that may be the case here with Tom [Brady] where pride can get in the way. And so with Bill, he's an emotionless machine, man. That was the kind of feeling I got from him that he takes emotion out of it and that's why he's as good as he is."

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