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Tom Brady Posts Mysterious Photo Amid Speculation About His Future, But What Does It Mean?

Brady's post on Instagram and Twitter seemed designed to cause chatter amid speculation that he could leave the New England Patriots this year

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UPDATE: ESPN's Adam Schefter has new information, apparently from Brady's camp. Details below.

Somehow Tom Brady made a statement, even without making a statement.

The legendary Patriots quarterback posted this black-and-white photo to Instagram and Twitter, igniting a flurry of speculation about what exactly he was trying to say.

Is Brady walking away from something? To something? What stadium is that? Why is it black and white, and why is he alone?

It's not clear, and TB12 hasn't offered any explanation so far. But the post comes amid intense speculation about his future — he's an upcoming free agent after spending 20 years in Foxboro and winning six Super Bowl rings.

Where will Patriots quarterback Tom Brady end up? The New Kids on the Block have a bunch of thoughts.

All Brady's said definitely is that it's his "plan" to play in the NFL next year. And the posts have prompted even more speculation online:

Among the people who have liked the post on Instagram were teammates Julian Edelman and Phillip Dorsett.

ESPN insider Adam Schefter added some reporting to the mix, tweeting that Brady's post "is not related to [his] football future":

Maybe they know something we don't?

The New England Patriots aren't going to the Super Bowl this year, and some fans just might be in denial about it.
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