Tom Brady

Tom Brady Reads Mean Tweets on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live'

The Patriots quarterback joined the late-night host for a special edition of "Mean Tweets"

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Everyone in New England may be begging Tom Brady to stay, but that does not mean he’s well liked everywhere else, and Jimmy Kimmel has the tweets to prove it.

The Patriots quarterback (for now) joined Kimmel on Thursday for an all-NFL edition of Mean Tweets. Brady read tweets along with Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Corey Clement, Joey Bosa, Devin Funchess, Sony Michel, Todd Gurley, Jay Ajayi, Clay Matthews, Jared Goff, Michael Irvin and Terry Bradshaw.

While the other athletes each read one tweet, Brady read three. Despite his surplus of mean tweets, Tom did not appear bothered.

One tweet read, “F--- you Tom Brady I hope your dog eats chocolate and gets really sick and throws up on your socks.” Tom laughed and responded, “that’s f----- up.”

Brady’s appearance on the show came shortly after he posted a captionless photo that sent New England into a frenzy. It unleashed a storm of speculations about Brady potentially leaving the New England Patriots.

Whether the six-time Super Bowl champion will remain in New England next year remains unclear. But one thing is certain: Tom Brady will always have his haters.

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