Feet Jabbed Into Empty Row Make for In-Flight 'Nightmare' - NBC10 Boston

Feet Jabbed Into Empty Row Make for In-Flight 'Nightmare'

"I watched as one of the feet slowly lifted the window shade up and down again"

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    Horror: Feet Interrupt Woman's Joy Over Empty Plane Seats

    A woman's joy at getting a row to herself on the plane soon turned to horror after this pair of feet crept through to say hello.

    (Published Thursday, July 20, 2017)

    A California woman thought she had hit the jackpot when she boarded a JetBlue plane for a short flight this week: she had an entire row to herself. 

    "I left the armrests up so I could bask in the comfort of my private airplane bench," Jessie Char, who was flying from Long Beach, California, home to San Francisco, told NBC 4 New York. "It was a short flight, but I wasn't about to let this go to waste." 

    Char says she heard a small thud a few minutes after takeoff and noticed one of the armrests had fallen. Then the unthinkable happened. 

    "At first I assumed it was just a loose hinge, but as I stared at the armrest I noticed a set of toes creeping outwards," Char said. "By the time I pulled out my phone, a second foot had appeared." 

    Char says the toes started wiggling and then the situation deteriorated even further. 

    "I watched as one of the feet slowly lifted the window shade up and down again," she says. 

    The now highly disturbed traveler made eye contact with a flight attendant, but the feet retracted — Wicked Witch of the West-style — as the crew member approached, Char says. 

    Char says she caught a glimpse of the feet's owners after the flight; the woman was about 5 feet 3 inches tall — or shorter — and was seated in a row with extra leg room, she says. 

    Char's tweet, captioned, "Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare," has gotten more than 4,100 retweets and 20,800 likes since she posted it early Wednesday. And as one might imagine, the memes are extra special.