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Figuring Out The The Perfect At-Home Fitness Solution During The Pandemic

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With cooler weather on the way, many people will dust off their indoor workout routines. 

Two local guys recognized that many people are looking for guidance when it comes to working out at home.

So, they created Boston’s first virtual-only fitness studio: HUSTL’D Studio.

HUSTL’D Studio Co-Founders Chris Leuth and Derek Durkin have been involved in the Boston fitness world for many years.

Together, they came together to provide a platform for both instructors who have been displaced by the pandemic and clients who are looking to build and navigate new routines. 

HUSTL’D was born fast and furious and hasn’t stopped. It offers a variety of class types with a variety of instructors.

One of the instructors, Ashley Mitchell, explains that the screen in between the instructor and the client does not mean any less care.

They are still building community in and out of every class to make it feel like a fun and safe place.

For more information and class details visit The Hustl'd Studio site.

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