Mouse Infestation Causes Partial Shutdown at Framingham Movie Theater

Two of the 16 theater rooms have been temporarily shut down for trappings and deep cleanings

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A Massachusetts movie theater has partially shut down due to an infestation of mice.

Erik Larson was with his mother at the Framingham AMC-16 Dine-In Theater on Saturday, March 9 to see the "Invisible Man" when he saw some very visible rodents.

"At first, it was just a few. In total, probably 12 to 30 mice in about a half hour of being in the theater," Larson said.

The partial shutdown has been declared a health hazard by Framingham's public health director.

Two of the 16 theater rooms have been shut down, according to the city's public health department.

Although the kitchen and food preparation areas passed inspection a few months ago, the actual theaters are not checked, according to the public health director.

Pest control crews were spotted at the AMC theater on Tuesday afternoon.

The public health director said those areas are going through trappings and deep cleanings.

Some customers wondered why the whole building wasn't closed off.

Public health crews are set to return to the theater tomorrow to inspect the closed off theaters and see if they can be reopened.

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